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You are not alone... Being a victim of crime can be very difficult and confusing. The legal system can be very complicated and people may tell you things that you do not understand. You may have many questions, concerns and moments of anxiety. You might not be able to focus or to remember things. This is all normal for someone who has been a victim of crime.

There are caring, professional people who are trained and dedicated to the many needs of crime victims. They are called victim advocates and they work in Victim Service Programs. They will provide free services to you that will make things easier to understand. You may still receive services even if you did not report the crime to police. They are available to answer your questions and provide supportive counseling.

Advocates may be available to go to court with you. They can assist you in many other ways. For example, they can help you file a compensation claim for financial assistance for out of pocket expenses due to the crime. Advocates can also help you submit comments to the court or parole boards. They can contact other organizations to help you get the services you need. You may find it difficult to reach out for help. But you may find that an advocate can provide the answers to your questions.

You may have heard that the person who committed the crime against you has ‘rights’ under the law. You also have rights and may receive services to help you.